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How do I add coauthors with my submission in Conference Maker?

You can add coauthors after submitting your paper by logging in to Conference Maker. Click on the paper ID, then click on Add Modify Authors. Click on Add New Author. In the search screen, enter the first name/last name of the person. This will return a list of people. Chances are your coauthors may already have a free account with Conference Maker. Click on the userID of the person you wish to add and follow the remaining prompts.

Please note that no submitter is required to enter coauthors if they do not want to do this. Generally, only the presenter and not all coauthors need to register for the conference; however, the registration form does not prohibit the coauthors from registering as participants if they want. By default, the submitter of a paper is assumed to be the presenter, and if a submitter cannot present, they should ask one of their coauthors to register and switch the submitter ID for their submission to be the ID of the coauthor who will present the paper.

Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Conference of the International Society for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (ISEAPA).  The conference is organized and hosted by the Miami Herbert Business School for June 7 - 11, 2021.

The conference is planned to take place online at this point. For further logistics information and updates, please check this website regularly.


ISEAPA promotes and diffuses the study of theoretical and applied research addressing the measurement, analysis, and improvements in productivity and its components, particularly innovation and efficiency. The Society supports and fosters research that uses theory and empirical techniques to the measurement of productivity and sets forth implications for managerial strategies and public policy to enhance productivity.

About Miami Herbert Business School

The mission of Miami Herbert Business School is to develop innovative ideas and principled leaders that transform global business and society. We are thought leaders that redefine business knowledge and practice in the broadest possible terms, shape business scholarship and how business is conceived, and to set the standard for business education.

Zoom recording of day 1 plenary session:

Passcode: =fI4$C=^

Zoom recording of day 3 plenary session: (with integrated audio transcript)

Passcode: gN&+J8dS

Zoom recording of day 4 plenary session: (with integrated audio transcript)

Passcode: bY9C!K4

Zoom recording of day 5 plenary session and closing remarks: (with integrated audio transcript)

Passcode: h$Y77#Bi

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Refund Policy - Refunds on seminars and conferences will be given if cancellation is received more than 72 hours prior to the event. Membership fees and donations will only be refunded on a case-by-case basis.

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