International Society for
Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

The Society will promote and diffuse the study of theoretical and applied research addressing the measurement, analysis, and improvements in productivity and its components, particularly innovation and efficiency. It will be a Society that supports and fosters research that uses theory and empirical techniques to the measurement of productivity and sets forth implications for managerial strategies and public policy to enhance productivity. The Society’s broad scope spans economics, management sciences, operations research, and business and public administration. A partial list of topics includes productivity theory, organizational design, index number theory, and related foundations of productivity analysis, research on computational methods employed in productivity analysis and empirical research based on data at all levels of aggregation.

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The official journal of ISEAPA

Journal of Productivity Analysis (JPA)

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Principal Founders

Christine Amsler
Michigan State University

George Battese
University of New England

Boris Bravo-Ureta
University of Connecticut

Jesus T. Pastor
CIO, University Miguel Hernandez of Elche

Centre for Productivity and Performance
University of Loughborough

T. Robert Chambers
(in memoriam)

Timothy Coelli
University of Queensland

Bram De Rock
Université Libre de Bruxelles

Ali Dogramci
Bilkent University

Rolf Färe
Oregon State University

Massimo Filippini
ETH Zurich and the University of Lugano 

Finn Førsund
University of Oslo

Kevin Fox
University of New South Wales

Harold O. Fried
Union College

Tsu-tan Fu
Soochow University

Lilyan Fulginiti
University of Nebraska

Anthony Glass
University of Sheffield

Karligash Glass
Loughborough University

Binlei Gong
Zhejiang University

Gerald Granderson
Miami University

William H. Greene
New York University

Emili Grifell-Tatjé
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Shawna Grosskopf
Oregon State University

William C. Horrace
Syracuse University

Cliff Huang
Vanderbilt University

Kristiaan Kerstens
Université Catholique de Lille

Subal Kumbhakar
SUNY Binghamton

Sung-Ko Li
Hefei University of Technology

Gudbrand Lien
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

C.A.K. Lovell
University of Queensland

Robert Mosheim
Economic Research Service of USDA

Ørjan Mydland
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Oviedo Efficiency Group 
University of Oviedo

Christopher O'Donnell
University of Queensland

J.C. Paradi 
University of Toronto

Christopher Parmeter
University of Miami

Artem Prokhorov
University of Sydney

Robert Russell
University of California-Riverside

Peter Schmidt
Michigan State University

Robin C. Sickles
Rice University

Spiro E. Stefanou
Economic Research Service of USDA

Hung-Jen Wang
National Taiwan University

Mahmut Yasar
University of Texas at Arlington

Valentin Zelenyuk
University of Queensland

Founding Participants

Ali Emrouznejad
Aston Business School

Roberto Mosheim
Economic Research Service of USDA

Chiara Peroni
Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques « STATEC » and STATEC Research

Emmanuel Thanassoulis
Aston Business School

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